Perfect evening

Yesterday was perfect evening. So little could make me happy. Very simple things. I received the DVD of the new season “The Mentalist”. There is nothing complicated or sophisticated about this TV series. Just entainterning and light and I love it.

A cup of tea.  Two small pieces of chocolate. I watched some episodes in bed. Felt self-sufficient but in a good way. Yes, so little could make me happy.

Yesterday was perfect evening. Even though when I fell asleep I realized that he did not send me the daily song. But it was fine too. I texted him “good night”. The accumulation of small things is certainly what we need and what makes us feel good.

Before I turned off the light, for a second, I just wondered if his songs were part of the small realities or the big important things in my life. No need to categorize, I think. Just like The Mentalist, his songs make me happy. I fell asleep, smiling.