Remembering Phuket

I am glad I discovered the blog, a fresh and cute blog of a 22 years old SouthAfrican girl who is a kindergarten teacher, starts Jiujitsu in Phuket to get out of her comfort zone and who likes cupcakes. I am thankful that you shared her blog to me because when I read hers it brings me right to you. Without any efforts.

It reminds me of Phuket. Nai Harn beach, Kata beach, Phuket town and those nice bars with live music where you can ask the singer to sing your favorite song, those roundabouts  with crazy traffic, the market and the food in the streets. And even Patong with its very bad reputation has its charm. I remember when I saw an italian restaurant with your name, and I went on scooter for an hour looking for it again to take a picture just to show it to you. I remember how I like so much the banana trees and the blue sky matching perfectly with the blue of the swimming pool. Life in Phuket, hectic in noise and dust but oh well, so cool and no pressure. Now when you tell me where you are, where you have been, I can picture your places because I have been there too. It is such a good thing you had chosen to be there.

Traveling makes us rich. You know it and I know it too. I am glad you could make this trip. And you are happy. Because seeing you happy is the most important thing for me. The distance seems nothing to me as long as we share what we live. As long as I can catch up with blogs such as the one of Suhaila.

This morning I am all about Phuket. I would not mind a bowl of rice and shrimps dipped in some delicious red curry sauce. I would not mind a “live” hello of yours or a smile telling me to take life easy, which I do.

This morning I am all about Phuket and every morning I am all about you.

For my cousin Alex (1)

I took a day trip to visit you at the hospital today. Visiting you was the least I can do right now.

When I arrived you were watching a movie on YouTube. You looked a bit better than the last time I had seen you. They took off the bandage of your left eye. You asked if I had seen the movie “The debt” with the actor of “Avatar”. I said yes and we both agreed  that the love story between the young spies was quite nice. On your bare chest, I could see a tattoo with the first name of your father (who is also my uncle). I had never noticed it before. You said you had it done in Vietnam a few years ago.

You started to eat the rest of the pasta “a la carbonara” prepared yesterday by your girlfriend. You talked to me about her for the first time. You said she was much older than you and she wanted kids. You asked for my opinion on love and relationship between young men and older women. You wanted to know if I was against it or not. I did not have time to answer your question because a nurse came by at that moment to check on you.

You told me there were moments you went nuts in the hospital and just wanted to escape. When you get better, you probably will go back to Thailand for holidays – a country which you adore for the relaxing lifestyle and the beautiful beaches, but more because of the easygoing Thai people – you told me. You said you dreamt to relax by the beach, watching the sunset and the sunrise and not thinking about anything at all. You had so much fun the last time you were there, alone with your father – you said. This time with your girlfriend if you plan to go, it will be even better, more relaxing, quiet. You would appreciate even more the sunshine – you added.

It was good to hear you making plans and most of all having dreams. While plans can change because of the unpredictable in life, dreams are necessary to escape sometimes from life and routine.

Listening to you talking about plans and dreams, I suddenly remembered what I had always remembered. Our grand-father, when still alive, used to share with me one of his dearest dreams. He had always dreamt to walk with me down the long Champs-Elysées Avenue in Paris and to stop somewhere for ice cream where we could sit facing the “Arc de Triomphe” and enjoy the view. His dream had never come true because grand-father passed away before we could make it to Paris. But I could tell you something. Each time I walk down the Champs-Elysées Avenue, I always think of our grand-father and his dream. And this thought had been enough for me to feel instantly a breeze of happiness and a profound certainty that I was born and raised in a great family.

This is to say that the next time I come to visit you, I will tell you about some of my dreams. It is our family tradition: sharing our dreams.

In the meantime, I wish you some good night sleeps with less pain and above all, don’t forget to DREAM !