Not the snow

“I have a million things to talk to you about. All I want in this world is you. I want to see you and talk. I want the two of us to begin everything from the beginning.” (Norwegian Wood – Haruki Murakami)

neige2When was the beginning ?

When did it start ?

Like the snow

From the sky

Covers the earth

No starting point

All over me

From nowhere and everywhere

Abundant love

Better than snow


My love has the last smile

Under the sun

Not the snow

My love has no ending destination

Not the snow

Reached the ground

And died


Your pain

I haven’t slept very well the last weekNEIGE

Snow keeps falling down days and nights

Too quiet nights

Feel like white velvet

Being one with the snow

You have pain

Your pain became mine

The moment I knew it

Being one with it

Walking through this path between

The cold, the snow, my insomnia, your pain

Love the cold

Love the snow

Insomnia does not matter

Your pain bleeds me







Love in the snow

First snow tonight

On the 27th of October

The snow absorbs the noise of the street. Not a soul outside even early in the evening. Life in winter has its own charm. The cold seems to calm us down. Leaving behind those hectic summer nights. While laughs and talks resonate all night long. Keeping everybody awake.

I am having my third cup of tea. You are on my mind. I remember the time when we were on the mountains. When all around us were beautifully white.

And my love was the purest. Like the snow that night.

We walked down the village looking for a place for dinner. It was icy cold and I hung on strongly to your arm the whole time. I was so closed to you and I felt so warm

I remember I wiped gently the tiny snow flakes. Delicately posed on your lips. The cold made me feel like telling you all about my love.

I remember you was teasing me all the time. And told me that I had a good life. Traveling here and there. And because I was free and I always did what I wanted. You saw me that way and it was fine. In your eyes I could be anything.

I remember we were the last one to stay in that restaurant. We talked and could not leave.

I remember each second of that dinner. Magical night and it was probably the night I knew I would love you forever.

All the way back I slipped on the icy snow. And you caught me each time. Your arm was strong and you held me tight. You kissed me in the elevator of the hotel.

Snow always reminds me of you. Snow has the taste of my endless love for you.

On that mountain I knew. It was not only love. And I had said that so many times to myself. It was self-redemption to love you.

Snow will always remind me of us.

Tonight snow came early.

But I already thought of you. Even before the very first flake came down. From the dark sky.