White ice


Another country

Another beauty

A dry cold

Not a soul

Not a sound

Some boats passing by under the fog

My hands were almost frozen

Sometimes I heard in my head the song

You’d sent me in the morning

Most of the times it was me and the silence

The sky was so grey and heavy

If I could catch a ray of sun

I would wrap it in my frozen hands

And sent it to you in a postal letter

In an old way with envelop and stamp

I would like to bring you the flowers of spring

All I could see is white ice

Asking me to offer to you anyway

I would heat up the earth

To have you here and warm

Another country

Another trip

Same love

Same you




Anything is possible


Have you ever seen deep blue sky with thunders?

Have you ever seen a rainbow before the rain?

Have you ever felt the summer heat before spring?

Have you ever seen tropical parrots in a winter park?

Have you ever seen snow flakes in summer?

Have you ever seen fishes singing, cats flying, dogs smiling?

I am in a dream?

I am on stage?

I am in the Jurassik Park?

I am in the Hollywood Studio?

Anything is possible

The universe at my feet

I see him tonight

The enemy of love: Fear


I have been coward

I was scared to death

I overanalysed

I thought twice then three times then four times

I reasoned my emotions

I repressed my feelings

I did not see him yesterday

Fear – nonsense fear

Fear over love

I have dreamt for months of touching his face

I have dreamt for days of hearing his voice

Hearing his stories

Devillish fear

And worst of all

The fear was so powerful

I even had no regrets

Loving him is simple and beautiful

Yesterday the fear took it all

Accursed fear stronger than my love

In one second loving him has become complicated

Bathing in hopeless fear

I am the worst strategist in dating

Good morning my friends, followers and bloggers,

I am with Norah Jones “I’ve got to see you again” and my first coffee. I am happy to say “good morning” to you. I have something to share.

I am the worst strategist in dating. But oh hell the best “LOVER” – lover as the one who knows how to love. How to love, yes, just that. I am happy, so happy that I have to share with you this morning.

HE is back. He is everything. He is abstract, he is concrete. He is everything I cannot have. He is everything of my dream. He is everything that I don’t want. He is everything that I don’t need. He is the universe, inside my head, inside my heart. Well, you get it. HE IS EVERYTHING. And yes, you get it too. HE IS BACK.

He announced to me that he is here. Let’s forget my sleepless nights since that moment. The idea he is in the same city after all that time. Science fiction for me. Walking on the moon is easier to imagine. Becoming President of the United States is easier to imagine. I don’t even know how I’d survived the last three days.

He is here. How do I do? For months I have heard: “He is so sure about you. He is so sure that you have been waiting. He is so sure that you love him.”. Then now I hear: “If you ask him to see you, he will answer to what you suggest and never need to suggest anything.”. To that, here are my answers. “I love him and if he knows about that and is still there, that means that is ok for both of us”. “Why should I play hard to get? He already GOT me, mind and soul, heart and body”. “I have no game to play, nothing to hide.”

However I just wonder how I could ask him to see me, after all these months absent from home. I guess he is pretty busy. I always know that the “US” is fun, trust, confidence and FRIENDSHIP above all, above love. I feel ME when I am with him. And I don’t see myself being in silence because he said he is home and I will stay in silence, waiting for him to suggest a meeting. And all of this considering I will be away for work the whole month of March.

I wanted to say something in the spirit of the “US”, cool fun and trust. I wanted to welcome him home with my style. I wanted him to know that I care, that I am happy he is home. My last email to him before he landed was all about my work and advices I needed from him, with an ending “with kind regards” as a joke (because mostly I spent time at work writing formal letters to the government and agencies). When he announced to me he was back home, he asked me about the “kind regards” greetings which, he thought, were a bit formal.

As we used to work in the past on questionnaires, surveys, we have joked quite a lot about how we designed and formulated questions. Yesterday I decided to welcome him home with a survey.

1) do you have jet lag? yes – no

2) are you tanned? yes- no

3) are you still handsome ? yes – no

4) you said you are too cold because it’s freezing outside, what would you do to get warmer?

– i would put on warmer clothes

– i would put the heating on maximum level

– i would come to see L. (L = me) to get warmth in her arms

– i would do nothing to change the situation

5) you have learned that L. will be away for 3 weeks, what would you do?

– i would see her this weekend if i am not too busy

– i would see her next week, easy easy !

– i would see her in april, easy easy !

– i would do nothing

– i have headache already !

That was it, the questionnaire, then I ended it with: “Welcome back mi amor !!! (is this still too formal for you ???)

It was me, the questionnaire was me….This is my style…I cannot hide, I don’t want to hide my feelings, I have nothing to hide.

He answered me right away with smileys and smileys and asked for the dates of my trips.

I informed him all the dates, when I am busy and when I am available, stating that my priority is still him.

He asked me to see him tomorrow.

That was the story of me being the worst strategist in dating, in love.

I only know how to be true, to be sincere. When I have something to say, I say it. I don’t try to make myself unavailable, I don’t hide my schedule to be interesting. I am just ME in front of HIM, in spite of all the “you are not a challenge for him, and it’s so easy.”

Who cares anyway if I am not a challenge to the man I love. Because I am not. Why do I need to be a difficult woman to him.

I think I just want to be sincere and generous when I love.

But ok, it makes me the worst strategist in dating. I don’t know how to wait. I don’t know how to play games. I am no good in giving advices in dating, because I am really bad with strategies.

Well, now I have to leave you here. Tomorrow I still need to be beautiful 😉


I used to have a guardian angel


I used to have a guardian angel

Who now wants to say goodbye

Flying toward other horizons

I used to have a guardian angel

Who has wings and heart

Who now grows up

We spent time apart

But it did not matter

Guardian angels watching over us from the sky

Mine thinks I don’t need protection

He is right

I don’t need protection

I used to have a guardian angel

Who is more than protection

Who has given me wings and heart

To fly on my own

The key to happiness


For me things happen in this order only.

Unless I free myself from my illusions, I cannot be peaceful.

If I am not peaceful, my happiness cannot be stable.

If I  am not happy, my mind will keep running after the objects that I believe will give me happiness.

You are my unconditional love.

You are not the key to my happiness.

I sacrifice us together.

For us to be happy

There will be no us

And it is the ultimate love