You are my preference


Preference is the instantaneous choosing of something which attracts me, which attracts my seeing, my hearing, my touching, my senses.

When I look at a landscape, I don’t see only the landscape, I see first everything in it. Then I see you. Each landscape talks to me like you would talk to me.

You are my preference. You are the landscape.

You are the life which is going on in me.

The rain is still pouring outside. The night is dark.

I see with your eyes

I hear with your ears

I feel with your heart

You are my preference

In revelations

In perception

In sensation


Instead of staying in bed because of a light flu, I decided to go for a walk this afternoon. Three-hours walk by the lake. The precious sunlight of October was there. In perfect harmony with the water. Like long-time partners or close friends.

I was there. Being one with the nature. Feeling cured from the cold. Feeling especially blessed and peaceful. Thinking of him. Missing him. As an evidence.

Accepting to be one with the wonderful landscape, without him being part of it. But the beauty was still there. Complete. As an evidence too. Sending him the tenderest kiss. Sending him the purest smile. Sending him the perfection of  a deep friendship. 

Don’t look at me

“But why should you be interested in me?”
Good question. I can’t explain it myself right this moment. But maybe – just maybe – if we start getting together and talking, after a while something like Francis Lai’s soundtrack music will start playing in the background, and a whole slew of concrete reasons why I’m interested in you will line up out of nowhere. With luck, it might even snow for us
.” (After Dark – Haruki Murakami)

Your green grey eyes and all the lakes I see

I swim

I dive

I drown

Not enough, I want more, I look at you and say to myself

Your blue grey eyes and all the skies I see

I float

I fly

I vanish

Losing gravity

Not enough, I still want more, insatiable

I cannot hold your wild and deep gaze

I cannot get hold of my body

I cannot withhold my desires

Nervous, unappeased

Losing my mind

You give more than asked

I wish I had these same eyes of yours

A sweet revenge it would be

To make you feel the same

If I ever had this same power

Not yet cured

Forty-eight hours out of town

To an unknown city

Standing by the dock

Strong wind pushing clouds far away

Unlimited and tormented sky

Four seasons in a few hours

Warehouses, brown-stone buildings  transformed into lofts and trendy places

The port where I stand is still intact

Heart in normal condition

Pain under control

I haven’t thought of you once

Until this moment

Forty-eight hours without you in my mind

Is a record

Am I cured?

Not yet

But I feel free

So free finally

Like the wind

Sweeping away in one blow all my troubles

Remain nevertheless memories

Anchored to my heart

Heavy and rusty old memories

Like the gigantesque imposing ships by the port

Decide not to move in spite of the wind

Imagine us as a painting

Perfection is you

In any kind of landscape

Sea, mountains, desert

Snow, sun, rain

Anytime I go through some landscape pictures

I see you there, perfectly fit in with ease and elegance

With me by your side, languishing with happiness

Actually perfection is us

In any kind of landscape