A closer look

Follow my eyes – This is the world I see – The world of my normal daily life

Buildings – walls – sky – still-lifes – trees – Everything seems normal and familiar – My eyes are accustomed to these images without noticing them anymore. The existence of these things surrounds me but I don’t always see it. But if I take a closer look, I give them more meaning and sense, not something particularly more important or intellectual. I just look at these images with more awareness. And it feels good.

Just like you who seems normal and familiar. In your stillness. In your presence and absence. Yet if I take a closer look at you, you are everything. You mean everything to me but it is so obvious that I don’t SEE it anymore. My eyes don’t see you because I am used to you.

I just need to get a closer look at you to feel different in my world. And to see you again.