You and me: things and stuff

There are so many cute things about you.

Sometimes I just ask myself if you are born cute or you are just being cute with me.

Of course you are not easy everyday but most of the time I can count on you.

Sometimes you say “no” to things which cost you nothing to say “yes”. For that you always surprise me. I asked you the other day to tell me your dates of exams and you said “no”. So silly. And so “you”.

But then another day I asked you to come with me somewhere downtown because I needed to show you something there. You said “yes” right away. Then of course you turned suspicious and asked what was the “thing” I wanted to show you. I did not answer. Then came the day of our appointment downtown. I cancelled it because to show you the “thing” I needed to buy “something” for that and I could not find that “thing” so I aborted our “operation”.

You asked me: “Could you please tell me what is the “thing” we are going to do and what is the “thing” you could not find in order to do our “thing”?”.

You said that you were in a full period of revision of exams and probably my “thing” and our “operation” will put you in a very bad mood. But you still agreed on another meeting.

The exchange of our text messages on this “thing” made me laugh. You are I, we are kids and silly kids even. But you are cute because you don’t refuse and still say “yes”.

I still look forward to doing that “thing” with you next week in the Old Town. I still need to show you that “thing”. I took me more than a day to find the “object” I would need for the “operation”.

We will do it and next week I could reveal to my readers the “thing”. It will be so much fun. Because I can already imagine your face while doing the “thing”. Not sure you will like it but it’s worth a try asking you to do it.

I stop being mysterious. I see you next week and don’t work so hard!