When she was around 8 years old, an acquaintance, a psychic, some sort of future reader, told her parents once: ” Your daughter has great thick ears, harmonious round face, sleek beautiful hair, it’s good, it’s good. The only thing is her eyes, her eyes have no sparkles, her eyes are sad, she will always be the one who suffers in love.”

Thirty years later, somewhere in Hongkong, in a dark neighborhood near a flea market, she was with some friends. The whole street full of psychics, hand readers waiting for them to stop by. This is very common in Asia. She agreed to give it another try. She never believed in this kind of thing. An old lady looked at her: “You have nice thick ears, you will be rich, you can keep the money with your ears. Your face is round, good fortune. Your hand are soft, you never have to work hard. But your eyes, my dear, full of sorrows. You will be hurt. And you will end up like a weeping willow by the street in autumn.”

Nice try. She should never have stopped by and paid for that. She did not believe. Her eyes are sad and usually have no specific deep expressions. She is just so short-sighted. There is a scientific explanation to that.

She always has a scientific explanation for everything.

Yes, she has been hurt in love. But that was not because of her eyes. More because of her heart. But that, the old Chinese lady, how could she see it?

Her heart is a sponge. That, no face/future diviner could guess. Right?