It is always here


No matter how far I travel

No matter how many strangers I haveĀ  met

This is here my home

It is always here

As it is always you

The beauty elsewhere

The excitement elsewhere

The novelty elsewhere

My distraction could be a second even a minute

It is always here

And it is always you

In the end


Let me think


In the past – In the last year I said that loving you is self-redemption. You had saved me. Somehow. In the lost path of mine scattered with insignificant feelings. Then you came. Offering me a new world. Renewing my soul.

This morning I woke up with the most awkward, terrifying thought. Do I still need to love you now that I am self-redeemed, now that I am saved?

Not that I am an ungrateful person. Not that you had saved me then we are almost done. Loving you the last past year had proved to me how capable I could love, how intense I could become when I fell in love.

It made sense to me but then it’s fading. The love and you. So airy. So light. So distant. Suddenly that thought: And if I don’t love you anymore?

Could it be gone the love? Or it is just temporary? Let me think. Usually I don’t think when it comes to love you. Now I have to think to feel. Usually I just feel.

What happened to me ? Is it the cold ? Is it the long winter? Is it because of all the trips far away from home? Is it because I feel so free?

Is it possible that I don’t love you anymore ? Just like that. The self-redemption stays with me forever. Is the love gone ?

Let me think. Let me think. Let me think.

I still want to love you. I just don’t feel it. Today. This damn morning of winter.

White ice


Another country

Another beauty

A dry cold

Not a soul

Not a sound

Some boats passing by under the fog

My hands were almost frozen

Sometimes I heard in my head the song

You’d sent me in the morning

Most of the times it was me and the silence

The sky was so grey and heavy

If I could catch a ray of sun

I would wrap it in my frozen hands

And sent it to you in a postal letter

In an old way with envelop and stamp

I would like to bring you the flowers of spring

All I could see is white ice

Asking me to offer to you anyway

I would heat up the earth

To have you here and warm

Another country

Another trip

Same love

Same you




Visiting your country


Visiting your country

Without you

People were cold

They did not smile

Remind me of your smile

Our good times in your country

More sun than snow

Remind me of your warm heart

Different from everyone else

Visiting your country

Without you

Is realizing

Something is

Definitely missing