Who can leave you?

Desires desires desires

Butterflies in the sky

Wish to lightly touch your skin

With their fragile wings

Your beautiful hands

Your svelte body

The perfect shape of each of your muscles

Your colorful tattoos

Desires desires desires

Daffodils on the grass

Waving at you

A ladybird from a leaf

Falling into your warm palm

Posing peacefully with no intention to leave

The sun in your eyes

Enlightening your perfect features

Early September breeze

Everything is still

Fixed position

Not a move

Who can leave you ?

Part of this flawless scenery

I let the universe and each of its tiny creatures befriend with you, your eyes, your hands

I keep however for myself your lips

The same light breeze

Together with my first endless deep kiss

Posing delicately on your exquisite lips

Cooling down my boiling desires for you

But just for a short while.


A month ago, I asked a French artist to draw a portrait of you.

She sent it twice by registered mail.

It never arrived.

It never happened elsewhere either.

It seemed like customs kept it for some reasons.

I joked about it.

Smuggling you is difficult.

Even faceless

You are so precious.

They want you

As much as I do

They want to keep you

Even more than I do

I am still waiting for you

Even faceless

***The drawing is from Alice Dufay, a French artist living in Caen***