Summer in city

summer2 summer3 summer4 summer5

Discovering every inch and corner of the city

Art water sky sun

And some sleeping beauties

While you are not here


It is always here


No matter how far I travel

No matter how many strangers I haveĀ  met

This is here my home

It is always here

As it is always you

The beauty elsewhere

The excitement elsewhere

The novelty elsewhere

My distraction could be a second even a minute

It is always here

And it is always you

In the end


What do you see ?


Your eyes are mystery

In half words

In half smiles

I wish I could understand you more

Before we said goodbye

We suspended time

We froze time

For another time

In your eyes

In colors

In black or white

What is the color of your soul?

Your eyes are imagination

Enough to drive me crazy