This ONE love

Today I learned that a friend of mine left our continent, the old Europe to join the other side of the world. A place with great temperature all year long, the exact amount of sunshine and a huge blue sky above everywhere you go. He left without having time to say goodbye. This news came and for a second punched me right in my heart. It is one thing to be close to each other on the same continent, sharing the same time zone. It is another thing to be far away that much. Imagine when I go to sleep he just starts his afternoon. When I work in the morning, he will still be sleeping. Everything will change because of the time zone, mails will arrive, probably also in another rhythm. I felt completely disturbed by this news. However his mail touched me. I almost cried at the second time I re-read it. He did not know why he left to go there. He did not know anything about his future. But he went there to see his only love, his ex. Yet things do not seem to be finished. And it touched me. Deep.

How many girls he had been with? How many girls he had met? And even sometimes he did really like them for all the great moments he had with them, in the end, he still had only ONE LOVE. This woman whose name he mentioned each time I saw him. He flew there, put his present, past and future once again in her hands. I don’t know if it is a sad thing to have known love this way or it is a blessing. I just doubt the whole thing, a strong love is beautiful but also impedes us to live “correctly” our lives with other people we had a chance to meet. The one and unique strong love could be a curse, a bad and good luck in the same time. Sometimes we just get stuck with this one love. We cannot move forward, we cannot step back, we stay there with a full heart which allows nobody new to come inside, which forbids the present to be fully enjoyed and appreciated. That ONE LOVE that cancels all the others. Every other loves seem small, insignificant and meaningless. With luck, this unique love brings us somewhere and let’s say that we will be happy and accomplished forever. Most of the times, it comes to nothing and we are back to square one, chasing the past, forgetting the present and neglecting the future.

I am here tonight, seeing my friend running back to his ONLY ONE LOVE. I wish him all the luck and all the best. I had gone through the same thing. I am the one who has one love too. I am the one who gets stuck in it. Still. And on my path, I have met so many opportunities but this love never let me seize any of these opportunities. I did not regret anything. I still love. But sometimes I just wonder if this strong love is just bad luck. But the heart has so many reasons that no one could understand and no brain could ever figure them all out.

There is just something about the ONE LOVE which makes us cross the world, move the mountains, go and grab it once again, hold on to it, over and over again. And sometimes just for nothing. Just to acknowledge that this ONE LOVE had once existed and never stops.

My friend and I, we are so lucky and so unlucky. We had missed each other on our paths because we could never love each other, because we could only love this ONE PERSON we had once loved. It probably leaves us, mostly me, with a bittersweet taste. Yes, the only one love leaves others a bittersweet taste.

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