A guardian angel in an unsolved enigma

Did I tell you I have an guardian angel watching over me? I think I did earlier in this blog.

Something weird happened two days ago. I went home and immediately realized that someone was in my apartment during the day. First all the doors to the rooms were closed. I never closed the doors. I found it strange but was not more intrigued than that. But when I went to the bathroom I saw the shampoos were not at the usual place. They were indeed moved to a very weird place. Yes, it was very strange and a bit scary. I called the owner living downstairs, thinking he might have got in the apartment to fix or repair something. He said no because he did not have my keys. I tried to think. Nobody has my keys except my guardian angel. My dearest friend in this town. I asked him and he said no, he did not drop by either. So the enigma stayed unsolved. Who could get in the apartment? I could not think of anyone else. I live in a safe place and a safe country so I don’t take this incident too seriously. Still it was weird.

But mostly, I think I was not afraid because I have a guardian angel living nearby. I haven’t seen him a lot lately. My sweet friend of twenty-years old. I have always known that having one like him is just enough for one life.

Yesterday we exchanged texts more than usual because he was worrying more than usual.

– “Are you sure that no one else has the keys?”

– “Just you and me”

– “Hum…”

Then late in the evening, I was watching a movie and he called again:

– “Are you sure you are alright?”

– “Yes, I am. It was weird. And I am sure somebody was there. But no idea who and how.”

– “Hey, a question, if something happens or if you have an emergency, whom would you call here?”

– “You, of course. I will call you right away.”

-” Yes, of course, I am your guardian angel.”

Simple answer. Simple communication. Precious friendship. Unique protection.

Yes, a stranger or someone had been in my apartment.

But not a lot of people I know have a real guardian angel. He told me he has very long hair now. Sure it fits him good. Blond long and wavy hair, this is my angel.

I slept like a baby in sweet dreams yesterday night.

4 thoughts on “A guardian angel in an unsolved enigma

  1. Sure you dont sleep walk???? It’s always good to have someone that will honor you with their life….loyalty is hard to find, when you do it must be cherished. Protection is one thing but a guardian angel that warms the heart and secures the soul is heaven sent!!!!

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