Two suns and two moons

These last few days

There were two suns

You and the other one

These last few nights

There were two moons

You and the other one

Was I dreaming?

My universe is different from the other one

I was surrounded by your glittering aura

Days and nights

Generously I offered myself to this world

Of two suns and two moons

Feeling warm

Feeling blessed

Over caressed by your fingers

Effortlessly made of thousands of twinkling lights


2 thoughts on “Two suns and two moons

  1. How lovely. I’m picturing two stars dancing in the night, twinkling and whirling around each other, pulled in close and flung back far away, hovering, floating, swirling round and round in curtains of night. Is this a poem? A story? A concept or random thought or musing? Whatever it is, I like it.

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