Nobody likes lawyers.

We need lawyers but usually we don’t like them.

They know the law, they have their power, they are cocky.

Nobody can stand them. Usually. It is the kind of job we hate but cannot help to respect. We like to see them as a shark more than a person.

I have never been in law school. Somehow I ended up knowing quite a lot of lawyers. Maybe because of my job. It is a little bit like the Persian community too. You know one of them. You know all of them.

There are all kind of personalities hidden under their strict suits. Their world is a world apart. I think it is the best field observation for a sociologist.

There is the “Casanova” alike style. Not very obvious but still. I remember once I had a date with one of this category. Funny, the first thing he said was that he was like Peter O’Toole in “What’s new pussycat?” Women chase him but he doesn’t want any. Turned out that he was my best date and crush for a few months. I did not really like what he represents but could not help falling for his smile and charm. An easy kind of charm but still efficient. I had never been drunk in my life. The one time I got drunk was with him. Easy dates. Easy conversations. Easy sharings. Easy laughs. Nothing super romantic but I told you. Efficient. We shared our pronounced taste for old movies. We had seen each other three times alone, and a few more with common friends. We had always ended the evening with a kissing session in his car like adolescents but that was it. We had never gone further than that and it was perfect. No closure. Just friends. Even quite good friends since.

There is the idealist kind of lawyers. They want to work in small firms. They want to do good. They are sensitive. These are the best to be with. They wear long hair. They come back from a long trip around the world and find themselves unable to work for a big law firm, fighting for some assets of some clients. When you are with them, you don’t even imagine they are lawyers. You talk about anything but law. I call them the “rock’n’roll” ones. When you have a small question about law, you call them and get the answers right away. As a friend.

Then there are the ambitious ones. Not bad either. We need all kind of people to make the world go round. Their ambitions can frighten you but at the same time are fascinating. They have the look of an old Professor of Harvard. They speak slowly and use sophisticated words. You follow their career by far. It is always quite impressive. You wonder why they have that kind of energy for work and what was their deepest drive or desires. Sure money is not an issue. There is more than that. One of my close girlfriends had married a guy like that. I was always intrigued and becharmed by him when I had a chance to see them. The kind of guy who looked at you intensely in the eyes and asked what you were doing, what were your projects (at that moment you started to feel your legs shaking a bit). The interest could be only of politeness but this kind of acquaintance is gripping.

Their world is so different from mine. I don’t know why but I am still interested in theirs after all these years. Maybe because of all those TV shows. First Law and Order, Ally Mc Beal, then Boston Legal, Suits and many more. They are endless subjects for hundreds of movies. Still, we are reluctant to like them. How come? If I had been one of them, I would have known the answer. Maybe. In the meantime, I keep on observing. It amuses me.

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